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Ok this is the first in an annual Movie comparisons between the big two. For me the winner this summer is Marvel. Now for a more in depth comparison by rank.

#4 Ghost Rider 2 why I will admit to enjoying it I felt there were a few scene where I was Laughing. Possibly due to Cage acting kind of hammy. Still I don't get why it gets such a bad rap.

#3.Amazing Spider-Man this was a mixed bag. There were some things I liked and some I didn't. For Example I didn't really buy the Idea that peter was a geek or Nerd who got picked on. I felt he could've taken Flash even before he had powers. I did however like the Lizard I thought they portrayed him very well.

Particulary the scenes where he's hearing voices in his head. I also liked Uncle Ben I thought one of the best bits in the movie was the banter about the whole meatloaf thing. I also liked that they showed us he was smart. I'm not exactly sure why they cut Ben's biggest line but the overall message was still there. Now Gwen Stacy I'll admit the version I know comes from Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

So I have no idea if she ever did anything like this in the comics. So it's not going to be fair if I comment on her. One thing I didn't like was that the Lizard who was actually a bit sympathetic actually had too kill someone. Since Connors hates being the Lizard and tries to prevent it in the comics. As far a I know he never killed anyone but that might be my personal bias.

#2.The Dark Knight Rises was another mixed bag for me. Okay first I gotta ask do they really think that voice sounds scary. It doesn't I have a dog that makes noises like that. All right back to the review. Now what I liked The actors did a pretty good job.

It had a very good shocking ending. I liked the fact they brought Bane who outside of comic fans was kind of obscure. Now for the problems the whole John Blake thing I didn't get at all. Catwoman and Batman getting together seemed a little rushed. As well as the Talia thing seriously I know he's supposed to be a playboy but I don't think he would be sleeping with her after one conversation.

The Movie should have gone on a little longer. I want to know when he and Selina hooked up. I also don't like the fact he had too fake his own death but that's more of me wanting a justice League movie than anything else. It was a good film but I felt the previous one was better. Maybe my expectations were too high but I doubt it.

#1. Avengers all the cast did a good job in thier roles. it felt Like a grand finale to the films it was connected too I really can't say anything bad without it feeling like nit picking. Well except for the way Banner controls the Hulk. "I'm always angry." So shouldn't he always be the Hulk. There's also Hawkeye being gone for half the movie but at least it was explainable. I would like to know more about the shadow council so that makes me even more interested in the sequel.

Well this was my oppinion be sure to post your own and be sure to check out the next one in 2013.
Also let me know if you agree or disagree and why.
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eoshek Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Bane was in the comics. He first appeared in Shadow of the Bat. Bruce and he were both Venom addicts and bane eventually broke Bruces back. Wiki it to get the full story. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't judge.
MASTER-OF-SUPRISE Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I know but if you ask someone who had never read a comic who Batman's top 5 arch enemies are who do they name?
eoshek Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and parents groups. A grown man that runs around with lil boys in tights has all the parent groups up in arms
MASTER-OF-SUPRISE Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
LOL but seriously outside of mainstream comic fans Bane's pretty obscure.
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October 3, 2012